Our team has come together to solve wicked business problems, drive innovations and deliver unparalleled insights.


Giles Crouch, MM, MSc. | Cultural (Technology) Anthropologist & Chief Innovation Officer

A background in cultural / technology anthropology and over two decades bringing innovative technologies to market around the world, Giles has been there, done that. He’s worked on groundbreaking digital research projects for global clients. He has a keen eye for where trends are going and backs it up with data. He helps teams come together to find insights for true innovations and strategies to get them out into the real world.
He is regularly interviewed by news media on the global impacts of social media and technology on society and has spoken at over 100 events over the past several years. You can find his regular writings on Medium here.
Donald Chisholm, MSc. | Chief Technology Officer
From launching global software products in the late 1990’s to helping software development teams become more efficient and deliver. Donald is at the top of his form when figuring out the best technologies to implement innovations based on our research.
From agile development to building out DevOps and engineering teams, re-aligning teams and wrangling wayward product dev teams, Donald has a keen eye for detail and thinking several steps ahead.
Kevin Colvey, P. Eng., MBA | Chief Financial Officer & Governance Advisor
A globally experienced mega energy projects negotiator and complex deals guy. From Africa to the Caribbean and Latin America, Kevin understands technology, complex business models and intricate debt and equity structures. He’s also well experienced and educated in corporate governance models and structures.  For major projects, Kevin helps source investment funds and works with shareholders and board directors for major innovation initiatives.
Gilbert Walters, P.Eng | Chief Operating Officer
When it comes to operations, finding efficiencies and building out effective teams, Gil is a master. His time in the Canadian Army in engineering and working on large scale projects with global brands across North America and the Caribbean has given him the critical insights to help ensure operations go smoothly and effectively. Especially when it comes change management and implementing innovations.
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