Giles Crouch, MM, MSc. – Cultural (Digital) Anthropologist

With a masters in cultural anthropology, what else does one do for gainful employment but get into marketing? So this Giles did, launching several technology products into global markets, including what would now be called SaaS digital products. His deep understanding of how humans and technology come together propelled his career years in marketing to become Chief Marketing Officer. Then, as social media came into the world, he co-founded a social media analytics company working with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence tools such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, working with major global brands and foreign policy departments in Canada, the United States, UK and Norway.
Over the past decade, Giles’ work on UX research and strategy has helped retail and CPG brands move quickly into new or previously unimaginable market segments. His insights into how humans use, interact with and take advantage of digital technologies has helped product teams develop more meaningful digital products. Retailers and manufacturers call upon Giles at the early stages of ideation for product and market insights and to develop their go-to-market strategies.
Giles has lead or been part of over 200 netnographic research projects over the past decade, hence his work as a digital anthropologist. His work at the intersection of humans, technology and culture has helped guide organisations through the complexities of our digital world.
He is regularly interviewed by news media on the global impacts of social media and technology on society and has spoken at over 100 events over the past several years. You can find his regular writings on Medium here.
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