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Foresight Analysts & Practical Innovation Advisors.

We Are Radically Human-Centric.


If you want to climb Mount Everest you need a sherpa or you will die. If you want to survive these uncertain times, you need us.

We are a world leading advisory firm that has delivered meaningful, impactful, human-centric innovations and insights to organisations small and large globally. We do this by bringing together the unique combination of anthropology, foresight analysis and design thinking.

Our world is rapidly changing. Unprecedented and conflicting economic shifts. The over-hyped predictions of Artificial Intelligence. Rapidly shifting consumer trends. Shifting global trade alliances. Societal shifts impacting public policy and political landscapes.

To understand what is happening, an over-reliance on historic data is not your path forward. Too much reliance on data can lead to decision paralysis. To navigate these times, agile and rapid innovation is critical. But it must come from a human-centric approach. Economies, markets, are not made up of Homo Economicus, they are driven by Homo Culturalis.

We empower our clients to navigate and adapt in these uncertain times with confidence. Bringing together qualitative and quantitative insights in unparalleled and powerful ways.

We do this by applying the skills of anthropology, design thinking and foresight analysis to examine market dynamics, emerging technologies and societal shifts.

Underlying our innovation practice is our foresight analysis practice. We’ve delivered over 200 netnographic research projects around the world since 2009.