Innovation Practice

We live in a time of immense, transformational change. Innovation in all companies and social organisations isn’t optional. It’s imperative. If you don’t think so, you are already dead in the market.

So what do you do when the stakes are so high, the problems real and harder than ever, time is short and abstract answers just won’t cut it? Innovate.

Innovations does not always mean new technology, products or services either. It can be a change in the business model all the way to shifts in how you deliver the customer experience.

We work from the well established 10 Types of Innovation framework. These have been proven to work. Our case studies show it. There’s no guarantee an innovation will work, but you must start somewhere.

Ten Types of Innovation

How Our Innovation Practice Works

It starts with a conversation. First, we need to be sure we’re aligned. Many such initiatives fail when executive commitment isn’t sustained. Or when the consultants walk away. We do not walk away. Our projects include a process of seeing an innovation program through.

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