Foresight Analysts

From tourism research to market and competitor intelligence, we have over a decade of delivering over 200 digital research projects to clients. The insights we deliver are always game changers.

We apply the methodology of netnography to our research work.

Our Netnographic Digital Research Services:

  • Market Opportunities: We can identify new market opportunities that you may have missed. Sometimes, they’re unexpected. if they can be found, we will find them.
  • Tourism Research: We’ve worked with tourism boards, authorities, airlines and select destinations to deliver powerful, deep insights that go far beyond basic analytics tools.
  • Due Diligence for M&A: Looking at a merger or acquisition? Applying our netnographic research processes can help you avoid any unexpected surprises.
  • TAM – Bottom Up or Top Down: Do you really know your Total Addressable Market or do you think you know it?
  • Competitor Intelligence: We’ve uncovered hidden competitors and helped organisations get a few steps ahead of their competitors. Intelligence is everything today.
  • Public Policy Insights: From foreign markets to global issues and domestic issues and policies. We can help with the Evaluation & Monitoring aspects through to gauging public opinions and sentiment.

Note: We only work with established democratic countries when it comes to foreign and domestic policy issues. We do not work for political or religious organisations.

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