Since 2008, we’ve completed over 200 digital research projects around the world. From market research, brand insights and online reputation analysis to foreign policy insights and digital diaspora studies.

Our netnographic research projects have helped;

  • Global brands such as Tim Horton’s, Black & Decker, Glenfiddich and Staedler better understand their audiences and engage with them in more meaningful ways, boosting brand loyalty and building influencers.
  • Our work has helped several clients in consumer products and services industries bring mobile apps to market faster through our collaborative approach with product managers.
  • Directly impacted Canadian foreign policy in regards to Haiti and diaspora communities.
  • Helped several countries find and engage with their diaspora communities, from Wales and Northern Ireland to Sweden, Norway, South Africa and Ghana.
  • Identified competitors about to disrupt existing market leaders, helping them formulate strategies for digital transformations to protect their market share.
  • Directly informed crisis communications policies for provincial governments in New Brunswick and Ontario Canada.
  • Helped tourism authorities in several Canadian provinces and American States find new ways to reach digital audiences and increase tourism revenue opportunities.
  • Helped shape affordable housing policies in several Canadian, British and American cities.
  • Helped a global seafood company navigate complex issues related to fisheries regulations.
  • Our UX research combined with UX strategy through our sister form, NordSpark, has helped SaaS companies improve engagement, retention and loyalty contributing directly to MRR plans.

Surveys, focus groups, they can help and remain valuable as research tools and netnography can be a great way to get a comprehensive understanding of what you need to know.  Netnography is the research and analysis of digital channels, online communities and cultures. Collecting and analysing publicly available information and finding key insights that can inform strategy, public affairs issues and public policy.

Our digital insights practice is based on the anthropological methodology known as Netnography, or using the internet and related digital channels to gain insights.

Note: All the data and information we collect is publicly available. We work from a strict ethical process and as we are based in Canada we abide by Canadian federal privacy laws and we are GDPR compliant. We do NOT work with political parties or organisations or religious groups. 

North America, United Kingdom and Europe:
(We are +1 hour from New York and -4 hours from London.)

The benefits of netnographic research:
Netnographic research doesn’t replace traditional research methods; they are still an important mix in the research process. Instead, it often complements traditional approaches adding a deeper, more contextual level of insight to aid in human-centred decision making.

  • Faster than traditional surveys
  • Lower cost
  • Enables deeper questioning
  • More flexible in design
  • Can address complex issues and queries
  • Deep cultural insights

Digital Research for Organisations:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Public policy insights
  • Public relations crisis analysis
  • Insights for marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Brand and reputation analysis
  • Market & Audience insights
  • Digital TAM (Total Addressable Market) modelling
  • Export market research
  • Post and pre product launch insights
  • Highly localised or global depending on needs
  • Due diligence for M&A activities
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