Digital Governance

This isn’t data governance. It’s not about privacy policies or a data breach. Digital governance is a critical part of the very fabric of any organisation today that has Information Technology, a website, uses social media and has employees who use their own devices or company supplied ones and has a board of directors…so, pretty much every company.

What is Digital Governance?
It is about how you manage your IT, board governance, risk mitigation, preparation for a data breach, protect employees, board directors and more. It starts right at the Board of Directors with policies and by-laws and goes all the way through to corporate Human Resource policies and risk management. Because every aspect of a business today uses and touches technology in some form or another. And most of that technology is connected to the internet.

What is included in digital governance?

We work with organisations small and large to help them lay a solid foundation of Digital Governance to reduce the risk of litigation, minimize the impacts of a data breach, protect the executive and board and employees. Generally, Digital Governance includes:

  • Board of Directors: How IT is governed, risk mitigation and exposure reduction in case of a data breach, liability protection and setting good Best Practices when it comes to the impacts of digital on a Board.
  • Executive Management: Ensuring policies and procedures around cybersecurity and related insurance, HR policies and digital risks are part of senior management.
  • Human Resources: Having policies in place that protect the company, board directors and employees for all matters digital such as social media policy, email and systems access and controls, employee start and exit procedures.
  • Cybersecurity: Having adequate protections in place, risk mitigation strategies, proper and relevant insurance and awareness within the organisation.

We’ve developed a service package that covers these issues. In the case of a data breach or employee theft of data, having done this work, a company has better protections against litigation and may be in a better position to negotiate the right insurance policies. And your Board of Directors will be thankful too. You can download the brochure here.

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