In our digital world the new normal is uncertainty, unprecedented volatility and rapid change.

We’ve delivered over 200 research & innovation projects for clients around the world. From startups to Fortune 100 brands.

Core Innovation & Digital Research Services

  • Netnography ( Digital Research): This is qualitative and quantitative research built on the well establish anthropological methodology known as ethnography. Except it is all done digitally, following an applied ethical process that can be entirely passive, active or a mix. We design the program based on your requirements. We move quickly.
  • Innovation Strategy: The complete package. The research, the ideal business model, go-to-market plan, value innovation model, where to play and how to play. To win.
  • Competitor Intelligence: Using SOCMINT and OSINT methodologies, you’d be amazed what we can ethically and legally, pull together to give you powerful insights into your competitor(s).
  • Innovation Advisory: When we tie in our digital research capabilities and work closely with senior management, we can help find where best to innovate. Whether for internal efficiencies leveraging technology, developing adjacent digital business models or finding new markets.
  • Digital Due Diligence for M&A: For M&A firms and businesses going through an M&A activity, our research can help you understand brand reputation, customer views on the target company and more.

Our Applied Methodologies & Technologies

  • Human Centric: We apply cultural anthropology, behavioural economics and sociology to ensure we always have a human centric approach to all projects.
  • Cultural Anthropology: Our background is in cultural anthropology with extensive global technology marketing experience. We understand people and cultures. We know the right things to look for in netnographic research.
  • Complex Systems Thinking: Also known as sociocultural systems. This is a key element to understanding human cultures. Especially how people fit into different systems that provides insights for product development, design and launch. Especially if you’re looking to build or have a complicated digital product or are targeting the enterprise market.
  • Design Thinking: It’s been in and out of fashion for a few decades. We’ve used it enough times to know how to make it work depending on time, resources and budgets.
  • Artificial Intelligence: While chatGPT may be the fashion, we also use additional AI tools from Machine Learning to Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks.
  • Big Data Analytics: We use a variety of Big Data tools from “R” to Hadoop and others, depending on data collection, available data sources and the size of the project. Not all projects need this.

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