Canadian Travel Plans Post-Pandemic

As Canadians begin to see some light at the end of this long, dark tunnel of the pandemic, many are starting to make travel plans. We applied our netnographic research abilities to take a look at what Canadians are planning within Canada. We provide some detail at the end of our post.

We used a ranking system based on text and human analysis of a sample size total of n=15,000 Canadians across Canada publicly commenting in digital channels. A “1” means least interested and a “20” means most interested.

So let’s break down the plans and intent of these hopeful tourists who are definitely itching to get out there. Our analysis of Canadians traveling within Canada. We did not look at plans for destinations outside the country for this research.

Regional Trip: This is travel, mostly by road, within a region in a province or between 2 and 3 provinces. For these tourists, it’s likely they have friends and family nearby. There is still some concerns over travel restrictions and it may affect some travellers desire to go too far from home.

Long Road Trip: Car rental agencies and sales outlets take note. There is an interest in packing up the car and taking a very long road trip spanning 3-4 weeks with plans to visit friends and family along the way. They want to take it slow and not have a too busy agenda.

Train Trip: Others are increasingly interested in a train trip, either cross-country or part of the country. Plans are to make stops along the way to visit with friends and family.

Plane Travel: We noted some hesitancy for Canadians when it comes to plane travel. Keep in mind that we’re still in the pandemic and this could be impacting opinions at this time. Carriers will have to address consumer safety concerns through their marketing efforts (no doubt they’re more than planning for this already).

Camping: This is high on the list of Canadians. They want to get out to campgrounds and many are planning to go in groups. These are interests for registered and managed camp grounds as opposed to roughing it or serious back country camping. Glamping anyone?

Eco Trips: We anticipated this to be higher on the list, but it sits at the lowest interest. That said, eco tripping is of interest.

RV Trips: Canadians are seeing this as an ideal way to travel across the country while taking advantage of an enclosed environment as concerns remain over safety when it comes to traveling.

Adventure Travel: A good size chunk of Canadians want adventures in a post-pandemic world. From mountain climbing to mountain biking, back country long canoeing trips and other adventures.

Visit Family: Maybe no surprise on this one. It sort of combines with long road trips. Many Canadians have friends and family in different parts of the country and they want to get together and tell stories.

We know Canadians like people in other countries, just want to get out there, reconnect and feel a sense of freedom. For tourism agencies and authorities and tourism brands and operators, it’s good to get a sense of what Canadians are thinking about now. These intents will likely change somewhat as we learn about restrictions easing and the provinces opening up.

Methodology: We collected publicly available data from online channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and other forums and news media comments. We then used analytics software for text analysis and used human coding methods to gain community insights. We did not collect any personal information and all data is aggregate. We followed Canadian privacy laws and third-party terms of service.

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